Kingsman Scissors and our associates worldwide (“Kingsman”, “we” or “us”) respect your right to privacy. This privacy notice elaborates that Kingsman collect data through

Order form, newsletter form, or registration form to confirm the identity of the user in first attempt. In case of placement of an order, this info is used to confirm the order details and to send the shipment wither directly or through a third party.

This data is a major source for us to communicate with our clients worldwide and to let them know about the new products, services and offers we launch on our website.

Kingsman Scissors also send useful information to their clients about the best use of its products and services.

We respect the privacy of our customers; for that reason we believe it is our obligation to protect your personal information provided to us. We never sell, share or transfer the personal data of the user to anyone in any form or for any reason.


We use cookies to exhibit the information in an effective way, gather statistics about the use of our Services and to make the design and functionality better and to improve the user experience.

Privacy Towards Minors

Kingsman Scissors is not for the use for people below 13 years of age. The parents or guardians of the minor should inform us if a mi or is using our website for any purpose, as it is difficult to verify the age online.

Security User Data

Our Company takes all necessary measures to keep the data of our clients and visitors secure. The measures are physical, electronic or administrative to keep your data confidential and save it from unauthorized use and hackers.

Change in Privacy Policy

We also reserve the right to change, modify or delete any portion of our privacy policy without any prior notification to visitors and clients.

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